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Price: $ 3.00
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Ads Rotator Pro
"Sick And Tired Of Making Pennies For Handing Your Visitors Over To Your Competition?"

Rotate Any Ads That Can Make You Money

While Keeping Your Visitors



Dear Website Owner,

I have some very exciting news for you. Now you can easily put links to any affiliate programs you want on your web pages. You decide what ads are displayed on your websites.

I"m sure you have seen those AdSense ads on many websites, heck you probably have them on your own site right now. If you do, then you know that the ads shown are matched to the content of your site. That means the ads on your site could be competing with you for the same customer!

If someone clicks on one of the AdSense links, your site disappears and that visitor could be lost forever. How much are you making to send your potential customers away to your competition? A few cents maybe?

Take Back Control Of Your Content

Wouldn"t it be great if you could have full control of the ads displayed on your website? Well, now you can. Put yourself in the driver"s seat when it comes to choosing the ads you display, its your website after all. By using Ads-Rotator you will experience many advantages over other pay per click search engine feeds. See a sample list below.

Ads-Rotator Advantages

You decide what ads you want displayed

Display any affiliate ads you want

Show ads that could give you big commissions

Have all the links open in a new window

All ad links are cloaked

Choose the look and feel of the ads

Easy to use admin interface to edit, add or delete your ads

Easily see the number of impressions for all your ads

Easily see the click through rate of all your ads

Add your own images in all your ads!

Ads-Rotator is a simple to use website script. You just upload it to your website once and then all management of your ads is done through a user friendly web based administration section.

Now Ad Images To Your Ads

With Ads-Rotator you can add images to the links displayed on your website. The images will be clickable and the links will be cloaked.


*NOTE - You must provide your own images.*

You Get Resale Rights Free!

With the help of Ads-Rotator you could be earning more than just pennies a click! This script can easily pay for itself with a few affiliate sales. But you don"t have to rely on affiliate sales, you can also resell Ads-Rotator and keep 100% of the sales price! Resale rights are included with the script as well as a copy of this website.

Take advantage of the special low introductory price today.

Start using Ads-Rotator right now for only $3.00

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Price: $ 3.00
Please Note: To get instant download you must click the Return Link or Continue after payment.

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