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Price: $ 10.00
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Evony City Management Bot Evobot Online Version
Evony Bot Online version

The Evony Bot is a subscription package ie $10 per mth

Using this online service will free a lot of memory & processor on your PC!

This download consists of instructions to setup your online website only.

The $10 payment is a one off initial set up charge only,You still need to pay the monthly subscription of your choice!

If you play at Evony for some time, you will notice that a lot of time you spend are on uninteresting tasks. The goal of this Evobot City Management is to remove as many of these tasks so that you can focus on what you are interested in. You can turn on the features you like, and turn off those that you do not.

Here are the main features:

NPC 10 Farming

* Build and research based on goals you provide. Dependent buildings and researches are added automatically.

* Trade automatically to balance out resources

* Simple npc farming for resource

* Hunt for medals automatically. Even on new servers, you can advance your title reasonably quickly.

* Build npc level 5 automatically in the surrounding area of your towns.

Select good heroes from the Inn, train and upgrade them

Here are some goal scripts for the Evony City Management Bot. You type them under the Goals tab, not under script. It is one for a fully built city that you just want to keep safe and build troops in, and it is one script for starting a new city from scratch. Both these scripts are very useful I think, and I use them all the time on my Evony accounts. The Evony City Management Bot is pretty much the most advanced Evony bot out there, it?s just amazing and it was made by Bob12.

Script for finished built city.

This is an example of a script for a city that is finished built. If it starts with 0 troops it will first build 1k layers with 5000 archers, then 145k more archers and 15k scouts and stop building reaching 400k archers, 150k warriors and 200k scouts with 5k layers of other troops. When it comes to the fortifications it will start out with mostly archer towers and reaching a nice combination with 1000 traps, 1000 abatis, 100 rockfalls, 100 rolling logs and filling up the rest of the wall with archer towers.

* The city will trade on the market.

* It will farm level 5 NPCs.

* It will hire 1 politics hero and the rest attack heroes.

* It will send out ballistas and transporters filled with resources if you happen to be attacked.

* It will build level 5 NPCs around you on empty flats.

* Queues in barracks will be filled up with troops with dumping:1.

* Comfort:2 tells the bot to pray for prestige all the time, if you don?t want it to do this set comfort:1.

* The bot controlls the gate, I use 0.5 in case of lag.

You can just keep the bot running even when all the troops are finished built. The bot will really take good care of your city.

Script used to build city from scratch.

This is a script you can put in to have the EvonyBot build you a new city from scratch. It will start out with the most important buildings and use NPC farming and trading on the market to get resources to build up stuff. You should put a few thousand ballistas and transports there right away so it starts farming and stay self sufficient. If you want the bot to build troops and fortifications at the same time, just add the lines from the finished built city script. I hope you found these scripts usefu.


Due to recent server mergers you may not be able to login to newer servers!

If this you experience this login error simply email me & I will adapt the evony bot to login to your server.

Please note although this is all perfectly legal evony games may suspend or terminate your account at any time if you break the rules of the game.

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Price: $ 10.00
Please Note: To get instant download you must click the Return Link or Continue after payment.

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