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Price: £ 8.99
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My Webspy Software

Save Hours Of Your Precious Time And Increase Your Online Efficiency By Auto-Monitoring All Your Favorite Web Pages & Blogs For Changes & Updates... Easily!

Receive Notifications & Alerts Only When Your Monitored Web Pages Are Updated. Changes Are Highlighted For You!

My WebSpy is your powerful web monitoring spy.

Just tell My WebSpy what web pages you want it to monitor and how often you want them to be checked for changes/updates.

My WebSpy will keep an eye on the web for you and alert you whenever any web page or blog is changed/updated. It will auto-check all your favorite web pages and blogs 24x7.

My WebSpy will even show you exactly what"s new or what content has been changed on the web pages by highlighting it!

There are so many things this "Spy" can help you do, other than save you tons of hours:

Now you can always "be the first to know". Never miss an important update again.

- Monitor your favorite websites, news sites, forums... anything.

- Keep an eye on your competitors" site and activities. What are they up to? Are they going to launch a new product? etc.

- Gain business intelligence.

- Monitor changes to search engine positions of specific sites.

- How about monitoring a forum thread for the occurence of a specific keyword? e.g. "AdSense".

The list of My WebSpy applications is endless!

My WebSpy Features & Benefits!

Monitor as many web pages, blogs, news sites, forums, etc. as you like. My WebSpy will auto-crawl them all on a regular basis and alert/notify you of any changes/updates.

Specify My WebSpy"s crawling depth. This is best explained in an example.

Web page you want to monitor: links to and In other words, the web page has links to these two websites.

Set My WebSpy crawler to ZERO, and the software will monitor

Set My WebSpy crawler to ONE and the software will monitor for changes and updates: (1), (2) and (3)!

Web page changes, updates and modifications are highlighted in yellow. Don"t waste your time comparing old and new web pages, trying to figure out what was changed or updated. Removed content is highlighted in red.

Schedule My WebSpy"s monitoring/crawling activity. In other words, you decide how often you want My WebSpy to check any web page; every minute, every hour, every day, every week, etc. It"s up to you.

Manual, on-demand checking of one or more web pages.

Edit the settings of one or more links of web pages you"re monitoring.

Sort your list of "monitored"web pages based on Name, URL, Last Check Time, Next Check Time, Number of Crawled Pages

Sort the list of web pages that have been "modified" based on Name, URL, Modification Time, Number of Changes.

My WebSpy launches at Windows startup.

Choose among three different notification options. Get notified when:

a. Any change occurs.

b. One or more word(s)/phrase(s) are detected in a web page.

c. One or more word(s)/phrase(s) are not found in a web page.

Tip: My WebSpy applications are endless. You could use it to monitor forums for a specific keyword or topic. e.g. "AdSense".

Get update notifications using any of the following channels:

a. Sound notification.

b. Popup window: Click the Popup window to see the modifications.

c. E-Mail: Receive emails notifying you of any changes/updates.

Powerful filter options:

a. Add/include extensions to crawl (e.g.: crawl only htm and html pages).

b. Exclude extensions from crawling (e.g.: exe; jpg; gif; bmp; mp3. etc/).

c. Exclude servers from crawling. (e.g. don"t download links from Google, yahoo or MSN).

d. Exclude pages larger than specific sizes (e.g.: don"t download pages larger than 1 MB).

System Requirements:

My WebSpy system requirements:

1.Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP.

2. Minimum 64 MB RAM.

3. Internet access.

4. 2 MB Hard Disk space for the program itself (and enough free space for monitored sites files).

5. And of course PC to run it :)

You can download My WebSpy and start using it in minutes!

You can grab your own copy of My WebSpy right now for only $57. This is one-time payment, NO annual or monthly fees!

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Price: £ 8.99
Please Note: To get instant download you must click the Return Link or Continue after payment.

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